Corfu: Culture and Arts

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Corfu Culture and Arts

If you’re looking for culture, history, tradition and art on your holiday in Corfu, Corfu Town once again has to be a prime destination. With architecture from Venetian elegance to Gothic drama, you will feel very much immersed in the past of this beautiful and ancient island. You can also indulge your cultural side with some fascinating museums that house superb exhibits of art and sculpture from the ancient worlds. The archaeological museum is a definite must for anyone looking to explore the mysticism of Greece’s past; browse the ancient exhibits and artefacts that include bronze Roman statues, funeral offerings and art preserved beautifully from the 6th century BC. Also take time to visit the rather unusual museum of Asian art if you want a splash of culture and history from your holiday in Corfu. The works of art featured here were donated by ambassador Gregorios Manos, and later added to by N. Hatzivassiliou and Ch. Hiotakis. Many of the exhibits are famous and very well preserved and have travelled as far afield as Japan, Nepal, Tibet and Thailand. The stunning displays include Samurai weapons and armour, sculptures, Chinese porcelain and fine bone china.