Corfu: Naturism

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Corfu Naturism

Technically speaking, nudity is not permitted on Corfu’s beaches, however, the authorities turn a blind eye to it – so much so that the beach of Mirtoitissa is one of the most popular naturist beaches in Europe! The beach itself is the cleanest in Corfu and is very much secluded and sheltered from civilisation, with high cliffs creating a picturesque backdrop. Access to the beach only became possible in the 1970s when a steep and rocky cliff road was created. Mirtoitissa is certainly not an exclusively naturist beach, however, and you will tend to find nudist sunbathers down the left side of the beach, sea-facing and amongst the clothed bathers as well. If you are looking for a beautiful naturist holiday in Corfu, Mirtoitissa Beach is a fantastic choice and has remained a popular destination for over 30 years.