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Corfu Party Holiday - Singles Life

It may not be as famous as some Grecian destinations but Corfu certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a night out. Sidari is one of the best places to go; it is an energetic town with a great party atmosphere. You will find a good number of clubs and bars stretched out in the town and along the sea front. With friendly locals and drinks that are well-priced for a European destination, you can be sure that a night on the town will be one to remember. Kavos is also a huge party destination in Corfu – you’ll find an Ibiza-esque feel to this lively and wild resort. Corfu Town is also a good place to go for a night out, although the older areas do not have clubs or bars. Look for cosy little bars down discreet alleyways and find some hidden gems amongst the narrow streets. Corfu can certainly cater for a fun night out and has a great selection of venues to choose from.