Corfu: Shopping

The Greek Island Kerkyra

Traditionally Corfu was a very important shopping destination – shipping merchants from across the globe used to stop here to sell and buy all different kinds of ware. Today the shopping in Corfu is just as vibrant, with a variety of produce available amongst the market stalls. If you are after unusual holiday souvenirs, or gifts for loved ones, Corfu offers a very interesting shopping experience. In the old town you will find the streets buzzing with life and many craftsman displaying their handmade trinkets and keepsakes. Discover the wonderful jewellery with designs from the Byzantium period, or browse the beautiful pottery on sale. You can even learn how to shape it yourself, with a variety of workshops giving you lessons and live displays. So many of the items are made with locally produced materials, such as olivewood. You may not be able to get high street brands in Corfu, or stroll around any designer stores, however, you will find the shopping here exciting and diverse.