Corfu: Sightseeing

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Corfu Sightseeing

Visitors after a little cultural stimulation will certainly enjoy their holiday in Corfu. Whether you are interested in seeing grand old forts, palaces, or ancient archaeological sights, you have a wide choice of sightseeing options. If you have the chance, seek out the Monument of Menekratis in Garitsa; this stunning 6th century monument has one of the oldest inscriptions in Greece. Similarly the Ruins of the Roman baths in Acharvi are worth a visit, with beautiful mosaics that evoke a real taste of Corfu’s ancient past. Another lovely historical sight is the breathtaking ‘Aggelokastro’, which translates as ‘Angel Castle’, located near Krini. You can enter this castle through the tall arched front gates and tour the eerie chambers within. If you are staying in Corfu Town, you must make time to see the Old Fort – one of the main reasons why the Turks were never able to conquer Corfu. Built in the Byzantine era and extended by both the Venetians and the British, you will find this fort architecturally stunning with its old draw bridge and moat; children especially find this enchanting. If you get the chance to visit Sissy’s Palace (also called The Achillion Palace), it is also a pretty and well-loved attraction on the island. Built by Princess von Witelsbach of Austria, this palace is themed around enchanting Greek mythology. Also worth a visit is the Church of St. Spyridon in Corfu Town. Built in 1589, this imposing building contains a number of ancient artefacts and the remains of St. Spyridon himself.