Corfu: Costs

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Corfu Costs

Greece is part of the EU and the Euro is the national currency; you will find the prices on the island similar to the rest of Greece.

Recently the pound has become less strong against the Euro, and it is a good idea to make a straight conversion of 1:1. The cost of living is lower in the UK, but the advice is to allow about 40-60 Euros per day for all accommodation, food and sightseeing.

Budget: €10-20
Mid-range: €20-40
High: €40

Budget: €20-80
Mid-range: €80-200
High: €200

Taxi: Approx 15 Euros per 5 km
Bus: 1-4 Euros depending on the distance travelled
Bicycle: 10 Euros per day hire

Lager/beer: 4-5 Euros
Glass of wine: 3 Euros
Coca Cola: 3 Euros