Corfu: Food Guide - Dining Out

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Corfu Food Guide - Dining Out

Corfu’s Grecian cuisine is always exceptionally fresh, highly flavoured and slow-cooked. Whether you are after something light like a Greek salad with feta, plump ripened tomatoes and local olives, or a juicy and traditional lamb shish kebab, you will find it here. Start by sharing a traditional meze; a platter of dishes that include favourites such as dolmada (stuffed vine leaves), tzatziki (traditional Greek dip), spanokeftdes (spinach balls), potopoulo (slow cooked chicken) and keftedes (meat balls). For a main dish, you will find a great selection of well-flavoured meat dishes, with deep casseroles being a particular Ionian speciality. One favourite local dish is the pastitsada which takes its cue from Italian cooking, with rich meat, tomatoes and béchamel sauce sandwiched between layers of pasta and topped with cheese, paprika and cinnamon. Souvlaki is the Greek for shish kebab and you will find some exceptional pork and lamb kebabs all over the island. One word of warning, unless you are a bold diner, you may want to steer clear of a Kokoretsi kebab which consists of lamb’s heart, liver, tripe and kidney. The fish served on the island is always extremely tasty and very fresh. Try Bourdetto; this consists of small fish seasoned with onion, garlic, pepper and tomato and then slowly over cooked. The Corfiots also serve excellent kalamare (squid) which is generally cooked and flavoured to perfection, without the rubbery texture you can sometimes find in other parts of the world. There are also some great fish kebabs available, with swordfish a popular choice. Fruit and yoghurt and honey are traditional Grecian desserts – these are also traditional Grecian breakfast choices. Dessert is not perhaps Greek cuisine’s strong point, with most dishes involving honey and fritters. However with such a gorgeous selection of starters and main course dishes, we would be surprised if you had room! Vegetarians and vegans are all catered for on Corfu, and there is generally a wide selection of dishes available on most menus to suit the kids. To wash it all down you could choose the strong aniseed flavoured Ouzo, which will probably have your eyebrows raised at the first sniff. Be careful with this one, the alcohol percentage can be between 40 and 60%! Corfu also has some very palatable local wines which will make a superb accompaniment to all those highly flavoured dishes. Beer and lager are also generally on tap, and you’ll find well-known spirits in most bars and restaurants.