Corfu: Geography

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Corfu Geography

Compared with many of the Greek islands there is a great deal of vegetation and greenery in Corfu that adds to its character. The weather in Corfu can be quite extreme, with piping hot summers and winters that bring snow to the mountain peaks. The rainfall can be very heavy and tropical but is also responsible for the beautiful flourishing flora and fauna you’ll find here. The tropical conditions are also important for growing Corfu’s main exports, which include Grecian wine, olive oil and various fruits and vegetables.

Mountain ranges segregate the island into three districts; the north is mountainous, the south consists of plains, and the central region ripples between high and low land. With a variety of limestone formations covering the island, the landscape is beautiful and varied, and lends itself to a whole range of holiday activities. Korission and Antinioti are the only two lakes in Corfu, there are also a number of rivers, although these tend to dry up during the summer months.