Corfu: Suggested Itinerary

The Greek Island Kerkyra

Day 1: Venture out to Aegina, the famous pistachio island. Here you can take a cycle tour to the excellently preserved temple of Aphaia. Then cross to Corinth and sail on the Panagiota through the Isthmus of Corinth, which was completed in 1893. This 6.3 km long but only 24 km wide and 8 m deep canal connects the Aegean Sea with the Gulf of Corinth and saves travelers sailing from Athens and Corinth the ca. 400 km long trip around the whole Peloponnese. Stop for the night in Corinth.

Day 2: Get back on the Panagiota in the morning to Galaxidi, where a transfer bus picks you up to bring you to the famous site of Delphi at the foot of the Parnassos range. Apollo, the god of the light, was once worshipped here and the oracle consulted. Not only the many temples and treasuries, the well-preserved theatre and the stadium, but mainly the breath-taking hillside location of the sanctuary makes the visit to Delphi an unforgettable experience. Early in the afternoon, the bus takes you to Nafpaktos, where you can get a boat to a long sail to Sami on Cephalonia Island. There you can spend your second night.

Day 3: Get a bike tour from Sami to Fiskardo. Along the way you can visit the stalactite and stalagmite caves of Melissani, which can only be viewed in row boats. Continue on through the interior of the island and finally reach the high road of the western coast of the island, where there are lots of unforgettable views, like the panoramic view down to Myrtos beach. Get the ship in Fiskardo, where you can spend the night. The harbour town on the Northern point of the island charms visitors with its colourful houses and numerous cafés and bars along the picturesque harbour promenade.

Day 4: In the morning short crossing to Frikes on Ithaca Island, which you can bike through. The homeland of the mythical king Odysseus is a hilly island with a beautiful landscape. You can enjoy the typical character of the Ionian Islands here away from the beaten tourist track: gnarled olive trees, crystal clear water and friendly islanders – time appears to stand still on Ithaca. Afterwards sail to Lefkas and anchor to Porto Katsiki, one of the most famous beaches in Greece, for swimming. In the late afternoon cycle from the harbour in Vasiliki, which has a worth seeing historical town centre, along quiet roads through the mountains past Sivros to the beautiful harbour of Nidri for night four.

Day 5: Cross to Mytikas on the Greek mainland. Ride along the coast to Mythikas and then on panoramic roads, passing some mountain villages to Lefkas town where you can sail to the island of Paxos. Explore the town and stay here for the night.

Day 6: Paxos, the smallest of the seven Ionian Islands is a grove of olive trees, which gives the island its wonderful silver green colour. Have a swim in the Mediterranean on one of the many beaches. In the afternoon sail back to Corfu. Here you can commandeer a tour guide to join you on a walk through the atmospheric old town. There are plenty of spots to grab something to eat and many bars to dance the night away in.

Day 7: You then have the option of spending a few more nights in Corfu to see the more popular tourist areas of beaches, restaurants and bars, or fly home, having seen all the historic and cultural highlights.