Corfu: Useful Information

The Greek Island Kerkyra

Corfu Useful Information

Some useful emergency contact numbers on Corfu are as follows:
Ambulance: 166
Fire Station: 199
Forest Fire: 191
Police: 100
Tourist Police: 0661 30265
Road Assistance: 104

British Consulate

18, Mantzarou Street, 49100 Corfu.
Tel: 26610 23457
Open to the Public: Monday ~ Friday 08-00 ~~ 13-30

Irish Consulate
Konstantinou 7, Athens. Tel 723 2771

Local time in Corfu is 2 hours GMT

Greece is a member state of E.U. since 1981.

Road Safety: There are no pavements in many of the towns and resorts so take extra care both as a pedestrian and a driver.

Pharmacies: There are a good number of pharmacies dotted all over Corfu, you can always go in and buy over the counter remedies and you will find most people in the pharmacies speak English.

Wildlife: You may need to look out for mosquitoes as this particular pest may have you running to the pharmacists. Take repellent with you and use it! As in many other places Corfu has its fair share of these creatures. Keep an eye out for snakes sunning themselves; most will be harmless but there are a few poisonous ones it is best to be aware of, such as the Horn Viper and the Montpellier Snake. Scorpions are also indigenous to Corfu, but these are also unlikely to bother you and the sting is not harmful, though it is painful so do get medical help if you are stung. Sea Urchins can sometimes make an appearance in the sea and can be spotted by their black and spiky appearance. Similarly, you may see the occasional jellyfish; like the Sea Urchin, their sting is not dangerous, but it is painful. Weever fish are also uncommon but they are dangerous and have protruding dorsal spines that can paralyse the affected area. The best advice is to wear suitable beach shoes both on the sand and in the sea.

The currency is Euro.
You can by all means take your credit and debit cards to Corfu, ATMs are available all over the island in the towns and some of the bigger resorts. You will probably be charged for any card transactions, and it might be worth checking with your bank.
The general guidelines regarding water in Corfu is that it is not safe to drink unless boiled first. Your best bet is to purchase mineral water, which it is generally convenient to buy locally.