Costa Blanca: Food Guide - Dining Out

The White Coast

The Costa Blanca is renowned for its good food which takes inspiration from agricultural and Arabic tradition. Fish and seafood both feature highly on menus, and most of the towns and cities on the Costa Blanca have a good range of eateries to suit all budgets and tastes. Paella is one of the main dishes, as it originates from the Costa Blanca’s Alicante, and seafood is particularly excellent, with prawns, cuttlefish and squid some of the most common and the dishes with anchovies, red mullet, sardines, and tuna also popular choices. Arroz negro is another dish local to this part of Spain, made with black rice and cuttlefish.

For the budding connoisseur, the Costa Blanca is one of Spain’s major wine producing areas and there are some excellent wines to be sampled. The sweet and white wines from the Marina Alta and El Fondillón, a fortified wine, not dissimilar to port, from the Vinalopó are amongst the most popular, and for liqueurs, the best known ones are the coffee-flavoured Cantueso, and Herbero which is made from the aromatic herbs of Mount Mariola.