Delhi: Shopping Holiday

A multidimensional metropolis

Delhi Shopping Holiday

A shopping holiday in Delhi is a must as Delhi is famous for its markets and the shopping experience it provides to its visitors is one that’s unmatched. From high end designer labels to street shopping, you are in the right city when it comes to shopping. The mall culture has caught on in a big way and Delhi boasts of some of the biggest and best malls in the country. But the best way to shop in Delhi is to street shop. Delhi is famous for its street markets which sell nearly everything from garments and shoes, to electronics and jewelry. While shopping in Delhi a visit to the famous Chandni Chowk is a must. Its tiny lanes and by lanes are crammed with wedding merchandise, and even if you have no interest in purchasing Indian wedding paraphernalia, just visit it for the experience! Bargaining is a must when you street shop in Delhi. For foreigners, prices automatically triple, so make sure you bargain your way through while shopping in Delhi. Try and move around with a local when street shopping in Delhi, to avoid getting fleeced. Delhi is one of the best places in the world to shop, so don’t forget this on your to-do list.