Delhi: Food Guide - Dining Out

A multidimensional metropolis

Delhi Food Guide - Dining Out

Delhi’s love for food is evident in the delectable ‘Delhi Tastebud’ it has developed over the centuries. The food in Delhi has culinary influences from the world over, earning itself a place on the global food map, with people coming from the world over to sample Delhi’s most-talked about food-fare.

Food in Delhi ranges from traditional north Indian food to Mughlai delicacies, from cheap street food to expensive buffets. Apart from local Indian cuisine, different world cuisines have been mastered over the years with Italian, Chinese, Continental, Lebanese and Japanese food becoming commonplace in this ever expanding foodie’s paradise.

For those who want to play safe almost every locality has a good old McDonald’s. Other popular fast food chains like Pizza Hut, KFC and Dominoes are all over as well. Street food in Delhi is not something for the fainthearted. If you have guts of steel, only then should you embark on a junk food jaunt, or else you can end up with “Delhi belly”, (a stomach infection). When it comes to eating out, always remember to drink only bottled mineral water.