Delhi: Useful Information

A multidimensional metropolis

Delhi Useful Information

- While visiting monuments/temples/mosques, etc, certain dress codes are in place like keeping your head covered or being barefoot. Follow these codes.
- Certain temples are open only to followers of the Hindu faith. Inquire beforehand to avoid disappointment.
- Do not take car or bike lifts from unknown people.
- Always carry bottled water with you. Do not drink water from open sources.
- The sun can be harsh at times so always apply a sunscreen or carry an umbrella.
- The heat can drain you out at times, so be well hydrated and drink lots of water/fluids.
- Avoid touts. Use government assistance wherever provided.
- Carry useful local telephone information like police assistance, hospital assistance, etc.
- Smoking is not allowed in most public places so look for signs before lighting up.
- Wash any fruit before eating it.
- Avoid eating food which is exposed for long hours in the open.
- Use a mosquito repellent when out in the open at night.
- Set out an hour earlier for your destination. Traffic is bad in Delhi.
- While traveling in autos/taxis, always ask for the rate card and do not go by what the driver asks.
- Photography is not always permitted everywhere. While sightseeing find out if photography is allowed, to avoid being fined.
- Carry extra copies of your passport/visa/passport photographs.