Dominican Republic: Culture and Arts

A Land of Contrasts

Dominican Republic Culture and Arts

A culture and arts holiday in the Dominican Republic is perhaps the best place to start if you are looking to enjoy Latin American culture. The city of Santo Domingo is the oldest surviving European settlement in the Western Hemisphere, and enjoys an unrivalled cultural and historical heritage that dates right back to Christopher Columbus himself. With sights such as the Catedral Sana Maria La Menor, the oldest cathedral in the Americas, the city boasts an enormous amount of tradition and stunning architecture. The Colonial Zone is in particular rife with things to see and do. Within the colonial zone of Santo Domingo lies the Plaza de la Cultura, which is the true home of Dominican arts and culture. Other cities also have a lot to offer, with La Romana being a great example. Ultimately, a culture and arts holiday in the Dominican Republic will leave even the most erudite and well-traveled individuals bowled over with just how much there is to see.