Dominican Republic: Golf

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Dominican Republic Golf

Golf in the Dominican Republic is perfect for any avid golfer. The Dominican Republic is a legendary golfing destination, and has some of the finest courses in Latin America. Several PGA tour events are held in the country, and the year-round balmy climate means that the courses are kept in perfect condition whatever time you choose to visit. There are golf courses in both the north and south parts of the island, so if you want to tour around and take in some of the other sights and sounds of the Dominican Republic, you can do it while enjoying the golf at the same time. Golf in the Dominican Republic is incredibly popular and the courses are in great demand, so be sure to book well in advance. With a plethora of wealthy American tourists in the area, however, prices are not always so reasonable. Be sure to do your research before you leave. Due to the high popularity of gold on the island, many airlines offer specific rates for people wishing to take their clubs as luggage, so do enquire about this. Golfing in the Dominican Republic will leave even the most avid enthusiast well satisfied.