Dominican Republic: Crime

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Dominican Republic Crime

The Dominican Republic has a fairly serious problem with crime. Pickpocket crime and mugging are two of the crimes most commonly faced by tourists, though violent crime has been on the rise in recent years.

Tourists are advised to remain vigilant, secure their belongings and take necessary precautions for their safety. Car theft is an issue and all cars hired should be fully insured and well secured. Do not leave any valuables within view. Avoid displaying expensive goods such as ipods and mobile phones. Avoid unlit areas and try to exercise the same caution that you would elsewhere in the world. A common scam being reported is taxi drivers leaving their windows open for motorcyclist partners to snatch purses and other belongings through, so do be wary of this. Power outages are common in the Dominican Republic, and crime surges during these periods. If you are caught during a power outage then be sure to exercise extra caution.