Dominican Republic: Food Guide - Dining Out

A Land of Contrasts

Dominican Republic Food Guide - Dining Out

The food and drink of the Dominican Republic is a delightful blend of Spanish and Caribbean influences. The local produce is exceptional, with fish and seafood being of particular note and popularity.

The island is famed for its superb tomatoes and vegetables, not to mention its numerous herbs and spices. Restaurants offer a huge diversity when it comes to eating out, and you can pretty much take your pick of international cuisines, though it is best to stick to the delicious local flavours of Dominican cuisine in order to get a true feel for the nation. If you do wish to look for international food then all tastes are catered for, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, American, French, Italian, Lebanese, African, Vietnamese and more. Be prepared to pay a significant amount more for any imported food, however. Eating local cuisine is definitely the most cost effective way of dining out, and possibly the most satisfying to. Do watch out, however, for the expensive nature of beef.

Far more popular meats locally are pork and goat, with goat curry being a particularly interesting culinary experience. Cheap drinks are rum and local beer, though the former is particularly strong and often quite rough. That said, it does make for a cheap night out. For after dinner, Dominican coffee is famed the world over, and is very strong. The standard tipping rate is 10%, though do check that it hasn’t already been included on your bill.