Dominican Republic: Useful Information

A Land of Contrasts

Dominican Republic Useful Information

- The Main language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. Many locals will know some English, particularly people in the service industry, but learning some basic Spanish will help you a great deal.
- Credit Cards are accepted, though it is always advisable to have an ATM card or some cash handy, as the island is subject to regular power outages and unreliable machines.
- Christianity is ubiquitous, with Roman Catholicism being the most represented faction.
- Despite its religious overtones, the Dominican Republic has a very liberal attitude to most aspects of modern life.
- The Dominicans take short siestas and are more American in their outlook than Latin.
- The electricity supply is 110 Volts, 60Hz, with two pin plugs.
- Beachwear is acceptable in most places but not in more formal buildings such as churches.
- The main currency is the Dominican Peso.
- The most easily exchangeable currency is the US dollar.
- Children are widely accepted in restaurants.
- Hotels levy a 25% hotel tax.
- The economy is predominantly tourism based, so you won’t be traveling alone.
- There is a US$10 charge on departing the country.
- Power outages are a major problem in the Dominican Republic.