Dominican Republic: Hotels

A Land of Contrasts

Dominican Republic Hotels

The Dominican Republic is famed for its plethora of hotels. With an estimated 55,000 rooms, hotels in the Dominican Republic are not hard to find. Finding a good one, however, is a different story. Hotels in the Dominican Republic operate under a 1-5 star grading system as in Europe. The quality of the grading, however, leaves a lot to be desired, with even five star hotels often being nowhere near the quality of their counterparts in different parts of the Caribbean. Hotels in the Dominican Republic are not always cheap, with many rooms going for in excess of US$100 per night, although you can find comfortable lodgings for half that if you book well in advance or seek a room off-season. Some of the most glamorous hotels in the Dominican Republic can charge as much as several hundred dollars per night, though the levels of luxury that they offer are quite extraordinary, and will give you a holiday experience that you will not forget in a hurry. Most hotels will provide you with an air-conditioned room for a small surcharge, and they generally come equipped with all the expected conveniences. Do be aware, however, that hotels in the Dominican Republic are subject to a 25% hotel tax, so do enquire if that is included in the given rate before making your booking.

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