Dominican Republic: Resorts

A Land of Contrasts

Dominican Republic Resorts

Resorts in the Dominican Republic are not hard to find, and many offer luxury unseen in all but the very best of the Dominican Republic’s hotels. An all inclusive luxury resort package will see you pampered beyond belief. Resorts in the Dominican Republic are graded according to quality from 1-5 star, though in reality only the ones rated at 3 star or above are worth considering unless you are only looking for the most basic of holiday experiences. Some resorts in the Dominican Republic contain spas, and offer numerous treatments on which you can de-stress and unwind. Many resorts also offer private beaches, and almost all are equipped with excellent bar and restaurant facilities. Some of the finest cuisine in the Dominica Republic is served in its resorts, and many famous faces are seen at the more exclusive venues soaking up the Dominican Republic’s fantastic weather. A resort in the Dominican Republic will vary enormously in price depending on what time of year you visit, with peak season attracted phenomenal price hikes. That said, some real bargains can be found off season. A high quality resort is likely to cost around US$100 plus per night, though this will often include both drinks and meals.

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