Egypt: Culture and Arts

A Land of an Ancient Civilization

Egypt Culture and Arts

For an exotic culture holiday in Egypt, it is a must to visit the romantic and historical sites. Enjoy Luxor, Aswan Abu Simbel and Cairo sightseeing. Typical Egyptian art form, belly dancing, also called oriental dancing, could well have existed in Egypt since the days of the Pharaohs. Right or wrong, the dancers have often been assimilated to prostitutes and are nowadays still negatively perceived by society. They are found in night-clubs and cabarets as well as in various tourist hotels and restaurants. Thanks to their omnipresence in Egyptian films, some of them have actually reached a sort of "Hollywood" notoriety. Cultural tourism fulfils the desires of the tourist with cultural sites, arts galleries, theatres, ballet shows, and more. to see the greatest Pharaonic and artistic sites in Egypt, visit the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos, Egyptian Museum, Mahmoud Khalil Museum, Modern Art Museum, Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, Salah El Din Citadel, Mosque of Mohammed Ali and spend best time in Cairo Opera House at night. A culture & arts holiday can run from $370 to $1500 depending on the extras you require.