Egypt: Disabled Needs

A Land of an Ancient Civilization

Egypt Disabled Needs

Visitors with disabilities shouldn't be dissuaded from traveling in Egypt. There are more options and resources out there than ever before, but Egypt poses a number of challenges. Cairo is emblematic of the difficulties that you will face: high curbs, a complete absence of ramps, and broken pavements. The situation is best in the high-traffic tourist areas. Many hotels in Luxor and Sharm el Sheikh, for example, now offer a few wheelchair-accessible rooms, and an increasing number of dive centers are equipped to deal with less-mobile customers. Organizations that offer a vast range of resources and assistance to disabled travelers include Moss Rehab (Tel. 800/CALL-MOSS - … The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) (Tel. 800/232-5463; and SATH - Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality - Tel. 212/447-7284 and the is now partnered with SATH and allows you to preselect top-notch hospitals in case of an emergency.