Egypt: Sightseeing

A Land of an Ancient Civilization

Egypt Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Egypt is the harmonious fusion of the glorious antiquity of past and current modernity. Egypt is one of the very few countries of the world that have numerous cities having tremendous historic value. It is not only the Pharaonic monuments or the Pyramids that attract visitors to visit this historical place but the ancient cities of this amazing world also stimulate travellers to make a trip. Egypt has four major sight seeing sites each having its own flavour and color. Excepting Luxor no other sight seeing sites among these depend on historical heritage of monuments to bring them alive.

Theses sight seeing sites are:

Alexandria - located on the Northern Coast of Egypt, this ancient city of Egypt was founded by the Great Alexander. A major tourist center of Egypt this city is the second largest city of Egypt and is also a busy trade port. As it was the capital of Greek Empire in Egypt so it is enriched with many magnificent architectural Greek monuments.

Cairo - located along the shores of River Nile stretching up to 40 km from north to south, Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Cairo or Al Qahirah is one of the most ancient cities of Egypt having a history of 2000 years old.

Luxor - located in the Nile Valley in the southern part of Egypt, Luxor was the dynamic and religious capital of Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom of Egypt. From vast temples to open-air museum and from vast desert region to exotic beauty of river make this city a major sight seeing of Egypt.

Aswan - located on the eastern bank of the Nile River, Aswan is the third largest city of Egypt. Aswan is the name given to this city by Arabs, as it is the largest mining area of iron and aluminium. Earlier name of the city was "Suno" meaning 'the Market'.