Florence: Family Holiday

City of Stone

Florence Family Holiday

Although this magical Italian city is dominated by renaissance works of art and other such finery, there are a fair amount of attractions for a family holiday in Florence.

The newly expanded Egyptian collection at the Archaeological Museum is packed with mummies and the Science Museum contains working experiments of Galileo.

The Anthropological Museum is filled with curiosities including Peruvian mummies and Indian shadow puppets. For children with a gruesome imagination, La Specola (in the Museo di Zoologia) exhibits anatomical waxworks of human body parts.

The Boboli gardens and the Cascine are Florence's two main parks where children can run about and enjoy themselves, while a children's playground is situated in Piazza dell'Azeglio. Children can also take a ride on one of the charming horse-drawn carriages found in Piazza della Signoria. Perhaps you wouldn’t necessarily think of taking a family holiday to Florence, but you will be amazed at how interesting the place is for all ages.