Florence: Gay and Lesbian

City of Stone

Homosexuality has been legal in Italy since 1889 and the age of consent is 14, as it is for heterosexuals. However, open physical affection in public places is not recommended in Florence or the rest of Italy. Holidays for gays and lesbians in Florence are popular, as there are so many beautiful galleries, monuments and museums to visit. If you want thrilling nightlife then Florence isn’t the liveliest place on earth but it isn’t completely flat either.

It wasn't until 1970 that the city got its first gay disco, Tabasco, right in the historic heart of Florence. The Parco delle Cascine and the area around Campo di Marte are the most well-known hot-spots as far as the gay scene goes but the police are strict here and there are regular ID checks carried out. The age of consent is 18 in bars and clubs and it is worth bringing ID with you to be on the safe side. Florence also has a good collection of wine bars, restaurants and cinemas.