Florence: Golf Activity Holiday

City of Stone

Florence Golf Activity Holiday

Most of the golf courses in Florence are set in golfing clubs with hotels attached, and all are rather sophisticated and classy in ambience, in fitting with the rest of this superb Renaissance city. As with a lot of the accommodation in Florence, a week in such a club isn’t cheap (beginning at around 500-600 euros each, depending on the time of year) but it is well worth the cost, mainly because you will be playing golf in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe.

A golfing holiday in Florence will mean that after a game you can head into the centre of town and take in one of the galleries or museums or take a stroll over the Ponte Vecchio and then head back to your plush hotel or eat in one of the fine restaurants nearby. Golf in Florence is always outside of the main city, which is small in circumference, but you will only have to travel five or six miles into the lush Tuscan hills, enveloped by vineyards and pretty villages, to find the nearest golf club.