Florence: Hen Destination

City of Stone

Florence Hen Destination

The single scene for girls in Florence is definitely good if you want to find dark, handsome, single men! Italians are renowned for their stylish dress and charm and although you won’t be bombarded with loud music from night spots you will find bars and a few decent clubs centred in the piazzas and such. Just take a stroll about with your friends and choose a venue that looks to be in fitting with your kind of place, exuding the type of ambience that you expect from a girls night out in Florence.

Another thing that will attract single girls in Florence will be the shopping. Gucci, Armani and Prada have stores here and there are many beautiful jewellery shops on the Ponte Vecchio. Watch out for touts selling fake handbags and watches as it could land you in trouble; buying fake goods in Italy is against the law. It is best to stick to the shops and established markets and don’t buy off random street sellers.