Florence: Shopping

City of Stone

Most on a shopping holiday to Florence are interested in designer clothes, leather bags or gold or silver jewellery and one of the areas they head for is the Ponte Vecchio and its quaint jewellery shops. If you're looking for a charm or souvenir, these shops are perfect, but don’t expect to find many bargains, as it is pricey here. The street for antiques is Via Maggio, where you will find furnishings and objets d'art from the 16th century.

Florence's Fifth Avenue is Via dei Tornabuoni, the place to find the best quality leather goods and the classiest clothing boutiques, as well as designer and expensive shoe shops. Here you'll find everyone from Armani, Gucci and Versace to Ferragamo. While shopping in Florence, do check out the fantastic open-air markets.

The Market of San Lorenzo, situated in the centre of the city, is the preferred destination of tourists and the New Market, where you can buy leather goods, is held under the sixteenth-century Loggia del Porcellino. At the Flea Market, near Piazza Santa Croce, you can sometimes haggle for good deals on antiques.