Florence: Wine Tasting

City of Stone

People flock to Tuscany to taste its famous wines and have been enjoying this experience since ancient times. Wine tasting in Florence is today a popular way of life for visitors from all over the world and is seen as fashionable. Recreational wine tasting events in Florence involve attention to a wine's appearance, finish (aftertaste), fragrance in the glass and sensation in the mouth.

A more basic afternoon tour starts at 30 euros each, but prices go upwards, depending on the length and location of the tour. Chianti is an area not to be missed out on, not only for its wine and oil production, and the sampling of fine wines, but also for the unparalleled beauty of the Chianti hills, the castles like Verrazzano and quaint farms and villages dotted around the idyllic countryside. The duration of wine tasting tours in Florence are usually 4 to 8 hours.