Florence: Main Sights

City of Stone

Florence Main Sights

Florence's Archaeological Museum

This stunning museum is housed in a palace with great Egyptian and Etruscan collections. Admission is less than 5 Euros and is well worth the money.

Il Duomo (Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore)

The Florentine Gothic duomo was begun in 1296 and consecrated in 1436. Entrance is free, but in summer you may have to wait in line to get in, as with most tourist attractions in the city.

Uffizi Gallery

This unforgettable gallery is housed in a 1560 Medici palazzo. The recent renovations have meant that visitors don't have to wait outside and the galleries have expanded, plus there's a grand view of Florence from the upper floors. It is around 8 euros to enter.

The Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens

The palace encompasses several museums and has paintings from some of Italy's most celebrated artists. The Renaissance gardens are delightful to stroll around. Entry fees can vary.

The Ponte Vecchio

Having escaped being bombed in the war, the bridge is a magnificent piece of history, which used to be built of wood but a rebuild in the 1300's made it mostly stone. It is free to walk upon and lovely to behold.

The Church of San Lorenzo

Probably the oldest religious structure in Florence, it is thought to be founded before year 400, and inside you will find works of art by Donatello and Bronzino.