Fuerteventura: Disabled Needs

White beaches, volcanic mountains, palm trees and goats (lots of goats!)

Fuerteventura Disabled Needs

Fuerteventura is a reasonably disabled-friendly island. Signs mark disabled access for public toilets and priority seats are found on all public transport. Transfers to and from the airport can be booked ahead of time, or you can ask your hotel to provide for your mobility needs. Disabled facilities in the hostels and resorts in Fuerteventura include bathrooms with wheel-in showers, good access throughout the hotel and hotel facilities. Corrajelo is a good option as it is not hilly, and is typicallly wheelchair friendly.
Note that often in Fuerteventura bathrooms in bars and restaurants can be inaccessible for those with mobility problems as many are located down a flight of stairs.