Fuerteventura: Food and Drink

White beaches, volcanic mountains, palm trees and goats (lots of goats!)

Fuerteventura Food and Drink

The Fuerteventura cuisine is, like in the rest of the Canary Islands, a mix combining European and local features, the main essential ingredient of which is goat. Goat milk is used to produce the delicious cheese from Fuerteventura, which is covered with gofio (flour made from roasted grains), oil or paprika to preserve it; all these elements convey a particular spicy flavour to cheese. Other local foods include papas arragudas which is wrinkled potatoes. They are cooked in sea water and served with mojo sauce.

Fish and seafood are also local specialities. Enjoy parrotfish, goldline, porgy, cubera snapper, seabass, Moray, and striped red mullet just to name a few. Most hotels and accommodation in Fuerteventura will serve a mix of local Spanish dishes and more international dishes. In the towns and in the resorts and hotels you can find English cuisine including English Breakfasts and Sunday Lunch served. Other cuisine offered comes from Italy, Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean.