Fuerteventura: Hiking - Walking

White beaches, volcanic mountains, palm trees and goats (lots of goats!)

Fuerteventura Hiking - Walking

Fuerteventura's unique island location means it has some excellent hiking and walking trails and walking is one of the best ways to get around Fuerteventura (from a sight-seeing point of view in the towns). When in Fuerteventura's towns the best and most efficient way to see things is to bring a street map or simply wander the charming streets. Much of Fuerteventura features walking trails, which vary greatly in both length and scenery. Many of the best places to walk are located along the coastline, such as the walkway between Caleta de Fuste and Nuevo Horizonte, with numerous boardwalks offering superb panoramic views. The island's landscape is extremely varied, featuring many volcanic areas with red and black rocks, arid expanses, sandy beaches and concentrations of lush planting. As Fuerteventura is a hot location, walking is best done outside the summer months, and remember to bring plenty of water and are protected from the sun.