Geneva: Food and Drink

The Peace Capital

Geneva Food and Drink

Geneva is full of great restaurants and around every corner you will find a gastronomic delight. With dishes from all across the world, there is something for everyone and prices to suit all budgets. Whether you like pizza, noodles, steak, fish, pasta, Mexican, or sushi, there is a restaurant to tantalise your taste buds. Nearly every restaurant has a reasonable priced plat de jour and local specialities including cheese fondue and rosti (grated potatoes with onion and bacon) can be found on the menu of a restaurant on every street. If you are looking to dine in style try the Quai du Mont-Blanc area, or if you fancy an assortment of multicultural culinary delights on a slightly lower price scale try the Pâquis district.

Local supermarkets and market food stalls are great if you are trying to stick to a budget. Don’t forget to hunt down a chocolatier for a piece (or two) of Switzerland’s finest infamous chocolate!

Geneva is not well known for its wine but the city is surrounded by vineyards with millions of litres of wine being made each year. Rumours have it that the wine is so good, the Swiss like to keep it for themselves!