Gold Coast: Beach

Surfer's paradise

Gold Coast Beach

With some of the world’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, the beaches close along the Gold Coast are accessible, varied and, although slightly crowded in Summer, never packed. From secluded rocky coves of Southport to golden sandy beaches of the main beach and Broadbeach and onwards into the awe-inspiring views of Surfers Paradise, beach holidays in the Gold Coast offers something suitable for all families, couples and singles alike looking for a sun, sea, sand and everything in between.

The widely renowned Surfers Paradise is perfect for holidaymakers looking to surf, swim or just hang out and enjoy a beautiful coastline. Non-surfers should head to the nearby South Stradbroke while Coolangatta is best suited for couples whilst those seeking a more secluded beach should try Couran Cove.

Overall, the sun-soaked Gold coast boasts a string of full-scale holiday resorts that is the perfect destination for families looking for a beach holiday. Beaches are generally safe and there are ’flagged’ areas patrolled by excellent lifesavers.