Gold Coast: Culture and Arts

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Gold Coast Culture and Arts

Although the Gold Coast caters more for sun-filled, family vacations, there is still a great deal to tempt holidaymakers looking for a culture and arts break on the Australian east coast. The Gold Coast is alive with arts and culture; through literature, film, theatre, music, dance and visual arts.

Boasting a good collection of museums throughout the region, The Wax Museum is perhaps the most famous on the Gold Coast. The largest museum in the entire southern hemisphere, here you can see life size statues of a variety of famous historians, scientists, explorers and other well-known people of the world. You can also check out the wide collection of different kinds of costumes or take a look at the Chamber of Horrors for a more thrilling experience.

Another museum that is worth visiting is the Sue Ellen Gallery and Antiques. This museum gives one a clear picture of Australia’s art and culture, visitors can take a look at the jewellery, antiques, decorative articles and paintings on display. One can be amazed at the 19th century Marquetry Centre Table or marvel the beautiful Native American turquoise jewellery. Alongside many guided tours that ensure you don’t miss an inch of Gold Coast art or culture: you can take a scenic walk and be serenaded by jazz overlooking wondrous vineyards in the surrounding hinterland, enjoy a skylight cinema near the city centre, be dazzled by Conrad Jupiters’ latest live show extravaganza, laugh until you cry at a comedy show in South Stradbroke or see some amazing sculptures by the main beach. The Gold Coast always has a full calendar when it comes to concerts, opera, film festivals and much more - so whenever you arrive, there is sure to be plenty awaiting holidaymakers looking for a culture and arts break on the Queensland coast.