Gold Coast: Bunji Jumping

Surfer's paradise

Gold Coast Bunji Jumping

The Gold Coast has a few sites for thrill seeking holidaymakers to the area to get their adrenaline kicks. Bungee Down Under is a reputable and established bungee company, operating from the Spit, just north of the Mariner’s Cove on the Main Beach. Meanwhile, Surfers Paradise has several good bungee areas, the best being a essentially the giant catapult off Ferry Ave that throws you into the air at eye-watering speeds as well as the nearby flycoaster attraction that swings passengers around like a pendulum some 20m up in the aor. Overall, the Gold Coast has several excellent Bungee sites - and everyone from experts to amateurs will find something to tickle their fancy. Expect to pay somewhere in the region of $69 for a beginner jump while experienced jumpers shell out only around $50.