Gold Coast: Surfing

Surfer's paradise

Gold Coast Surfing

The Gold Coast has some of the best, most consistent waves in the nation; it's home to round one of the Association of Surfing Professionals world tour; there are 70km of beaches and four epic point breaks. It would be appropriate to call it a surfers' paradise; and they did. In fact, getting a wave on the Gold Coast is as easy as heading east. When the wind is right and the swell is from the east (usually in the morning) the beach breaks light up and surfers are almost guaranteed a wave. Those sorts of conditions happen about once a week on average, with one to two foot swells the norm throughout the year across most of the beaches. However, the truly great swells only hit once every couple of months, and as the beach breaks only handle up to about four foot of swell, the points get more crowded than Kmart on Christmas Eve when it's pumping, and the locals are more protective of their turf than Magpies in Spring.

There are some great beach breaks all along the coast. Some of the best banks are at The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, Palm Beach and Mermaid beach. At times these can carry some awesome waves especially when there are cyclones about. For the rest of the time they offer reasonable waves without the crowds that are usually at the point breaks. It's a Boogie Boarder's paradise but get in early before the wind gets up. Kite surfing is big at Narrowneck. Coolangatta is a popular spot for favourite beach-time activities and long lazy summer days. This protected beach is also a great surfing spot, so bring your board.

The beach is lined with quaint bistros and cafes and is host to the annual gourmet food festival, A La Carte, each September which draws thousands of visitors to the area. Kirra Point is a world-famous point break that offers waves of all sizes perfect for beginners all the way through champion surfers. It is also home of Queensland's first surf club and training ground which has turned out many of Australia's greatest surfers. For those that do not want to be part of the action, there is a viewing platform where you can see surfers from all over the globe hit the waves. Overall, the Gold Coast is a perfect location for a surfing holiday, so regardless of the scope of your budget or ability, you will find plenty of surfing excitement to suit.