Gold Coast: Main Facts

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Gold Coast Main Facts

Geographical Location of the Gold Coast

Gold Coast City is situated in the southeast corner of Queensland, to the south of Brisbane, the state capital. It is separated from Logan City, a suburban area of Brisbane by the Albert River. There the Gold Coast City stretches from Yatala and Russell Island to the border with New South Wales approximately 56km south, and extends west to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in World Heritage listed Lamington National Park. To the west, the city is bordered by a part of the Great Dividing Range commonly referred to as the Gold Coast hinterland. A 206 km² section of the mountain range is protected by Lamington National Park and has been listed as a World Heritage area in recognition of its outstanding geological features and the high number of rare and threatened rainforest species.

Land/Sea Boundaries of the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is situated in the southern part of Queensland, along a coastline framing the Pacific Ocean. It stretches form the southern end of Logan City to the southern part of Coolangatta, in New South Wales for about 60 km. The most important river in this region is the Nerang River, which is a very important source of trade as well as relaxation for the people of Gold Coast. The diversity of the geography of Gold Coast is exhibited by the Great Dividing Range, which is also known as the Gold Coast hinterland. The Lamington National Park, one of the World Heritage sites, envelopes roughly 206 square km² of the mountain.

Languages of the Gold Coast

The spoken language is predominantly English and around 90% of Australians speak English. However, the Gold Coast is a multicultural area, so many other languages are also present to some degree; primarily Chinese, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.

Currency of the Gold Coast

The currency in Gold Coast is the Australian Dollar. It is the only accepted currency in the city.