Granada: Culture and Arts

A City in the Southern province of Andalucia

Granada Culture and Arts

If you’re searching for a holiday destination where culture and the arts feature heavily on the agenda, put Grenada at the top of your list. Granada is routed in gypsy (Gitano) culture and this is most evident in flamenco music and dancing. The heart of the gypsy cultures is the intriguing area of Sacromonte where Gitano have lived in cave houses for hundreds of years. The area buzzes every night with flamenco shows and it’s well worth a visit. Like it or not, bullfighting in Granada is still a strong part of the culture as it is throughout the rest of Andalucia. Witnessing a bull fight is a personal choice but if you fancy see what all the fuss is about, try and time your visit to Granada with a bull fight. There’s a huge importance placed on having fun in Grenada, and this can be sampled nightly in Granada’s lively tapas bars and on a much grander scale, in the many fiestas the city hosts throughout the year. If it’s art you’re seeking, you’re in for a treat. The art is all around you in Granada. In the flamenco music that filters from the town’s flamenco venues and bars, to the city’s stunning architecture. You’re surrounded by fabulous art in Granada but if it’s art work you seek, there are a number of art galleries and museums in Granada that are worth hunting out. The best source of information about galleries and museums is the tourist information centre.