Granada: Golf

A City in the Southern province of Andalucia

Granada Golf

If you want to soak up some sunshine over a round of golf in Granada, you have a couple of excellent options. If you’re planning to stay in Grenada itself, the closest golf course to Granada city is Granada Golf. This is an 18 hole course situated 8km from the city centre in the area of Los Gabias. It’s a fairly flat course and isn’t too difficult but it still presents enough of a challenge to keep experienced golfers on their toes. You also get the added bonus of stunning views towards the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and Grenada city. The other option for playing golf in Grenada is the Los Moriscos golf course. This golf course is part of a sports and leisure complex which is situated in a beautiful location at the beach between Motril and Salobreña in the south of the Granada region. The course has 9 holes and is fairly flat with large greens and features two lakes, palm trees plus some exotic fruit plantations including papaya and mango. You also get sea views which are particularly fabulous from the clubhouse. If you want to play golf in Granada, you’ll probably have to look at hiring a car to reach both courses.