Granada: Hiking - Walking

A City in the Southern province of Andalucia

Granada Hiking - Walking

Fancy slipping on your hiking boots and hitting some trails while in Grenada? The nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range offers some of the best hiking and walking in Spain. The mountain range is around 75 km in length, includes Spain’s highest peak, and much of it sits within a national park. This means there’s a huge amount of scope for walking. The valleys of the La Alpujarras on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada offer some of the finest walking in Grenada. This is an old land full of picturesque villages and stunning, rugged countryside. Walking is the best way to explore La Alpujarras and it’s well worth visiting if you’re on a walking holiday in Granada. Some people find the height of summer too hot for walking in the valleys so if you don’t like the heat, consider going in the shoulder summer months from April to June or September to November. The other popular option for hiking in Granada is to head up into the mountains. There’s some fabulous hiking for the serious and not so serious walker in these mountains with stunning scenery and spectacular views on offer. The best time to head up high in the Sierra Nevada is during the height of summer when the weather is more predictable and the snow has melted. Be aware that the weather in the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada can changed rapidly (even in summer) so make sure you’re well equipped with wet weather clothes. There are plenty of organised hiking tours in Granada you can join, so if you don’t want to go it alone, find a Granada hiking tour and go exploring.