Granada: Local Travel Info

A City in the Southern province of Andalucia

Granada Local Travel Info

Internal Flights and Major International Airports in Granada

Granada has one small international airport. Granada flights from within Spain are available from Madrid, Barcelona, Palma De Majorca, and Malaga. A small number of international airlines have recently begun flying to Granada from various European destinations and cheap flights to Granada can easily be found.

Getting to and from the Airport at Granada

Granada Airport is 17 kilometres to the west of the city centre and regular buses run between the Airport and the city centre. Taxis are readily available at the taxi rank outside the airport.

Cost of Travel from Granada Airport

A bus from the airport to the centre of Granada will cost around 3 Euros. A taxi from Granada’s airport to the city centre costs around 18 to 20 Euros.

Renting Cars in Granada

Navigating Granada city on foot is the best way to get around. There’s a lot to take in and walking can be a highly rewarding experience. Add to this the stress of navigating Granada’s one way system by car plus the problem of parking and you might want to think twice before hiring a car in Granada. The exception is if you plan to explore further a field. Once out of the city, driving in Andalucia can be a great experience. To rent a car in Granada, you must be at least 21 and (depending on the company) have held a full driver's licence for one to three years. You’ll need your passport as identification when renting a car in Granada. For a better car rental deal in Granada, try and book a Granada hire car online before you arrive.

Drivers License Requirements in Granada

If you’re driving in Granada, you’ll need to keep your European Union driving licence and your passport on you at all times. If you’re from a country outside of the EU, you must have a valid international driver’s license. To avoid any hassle when driving around Granada, you should have a page of information in it in Spanish. You’ll also need to keep your passport with you at all times. If you’re taking your own car to Granada you must by law have warning triangles and a reflective jacket in your car.

Road Rules in Granada

Spain has one of the highest accident rates in Europe. Traffic authorities are working hard to improve the situation and traffic rules in Spain are getting tougher. They drive on the right side of the road in Spain and by law, warning triangles and a reflective jacket must be carried in your car. If you’re hiring a rental car in Spain, these will be provided. If you’re stopped by the police or Guardia Civil in Grenada and fined for a road offence, you’ll be required to pay before continuing your journey.

Granada by Bus

Many of the main sites in Granada are gathered around similar areas so walking can be one of the best ways to get around. If you do need a bus in Granada, the tourist office hands out leaflets showing the bus routes in Granada. If you purchase the Bono Turistico voucher, 9 bus trips in Granada city are included.

Granada by Taxi

Taxis in Granada are plentiful and the best place in the city centre to catch one is at the taxi rank at Plaza Nueva. Granada taxis are of a high standard and are governed by strict legislation. Most taxis in Granada are metered but there may be a set price for certain journeys. Granada’s Taxis usually display a green light (Libre) when free and it’s acceptable to flag a Granada taxi down. Be sure to only use a taxi that displays a taxi licence.

Cycling in Granada

The Sierra Nevada and the countryside around Granada offer the keen cyclist a wealth of fabulous biking opportunities. Cycling in Granada city itself can be a great way to see the city at a leisurely pace without wearing your shoes out. You can rent a bicycle in Granada from Eco Way Bike Rental at Plaza Nuevo. City cruising bikes cost 15 Euros for a full day, 10 Euros for a half day, or 3.50 Euros for an hour. You can also hire electricity assisted bikes for an extra few Euros. Be aware that some of Granada’s main streets can be busy and cycle lanes are rare so work out your route before setting off and try to stick to the quieter back streets. Mountain biking around Granada is an extremely popular past time and the Sierra Nevada and the nearby country side abounds with great cycling tracks for the serious mountain biker and the not so serious cyclist. Mountains bikes in Granada can be hired at various outlets around the city for around 10 to 12 Euros a day and organised mountain biking tours are available.