Granada: Main Facts

A City in the Southern province of Andalucia

Granada Main Facts

Geographical Location of Granada

Granada sits next to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia. Driving distances from other main Spanish cities include 256 kilometres from Seville, 434 kilometres from Madrid and 868 kilometres from Barcelona. The coast is less than an hour’s drive away at 70 kilometres.

Land/Sea Boundaries of Granada

The province of Granada which the city of Granada is in sits within the region of Andalucia and it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

Languages of Granada

Spanish is the language in Granada. Being a main tourist attraction, English in Granada is spoken by many people although it’s not as commonly spoken as many tourists expect. If you make an attempt to learn a few basics in Spanish, you’ll be much better received (even if your attempts are far from polished).

Currency of Granada

The currency in Granada is the Euro. Being a major city, ATM machines and banks are numerous and can be found throughout the city centre. Major credit cards and travellers cheques are widely accepted.