Greece: Backpacking

The Cradle of Western Civilization

Greece Backpacking

Greece is one of the most sought after backpacking destinations in the world. The climate, terrain, choice of islands and cities, cuisines and cost make for an excellent backpacking holiday in Greece. A large chunk of tourists that visit Greece every year are independent backpackers. The cost effectiveness of the country is what mainly attracts people to backpacking holidays in Greece. You can spend an entire summer in the country hopping from one island to the next, staying within your budget. Backpackers are well looked after in terms of accommodation. Hostels, dormitories and lodges are available in every city and island. Pre-book your accommodation to ensure you have a place to stay during the peak season. If you are lucky, you may find locals at various ports and harbors holding up signs for rooms to let. Don’t expect luxuries on a backpacking holiday in Greece. It’s all about roughing it out and seeing the country on your own steam, hitchhiking, sharing and reaching different cities through the cheapest routes and modes of transport. Greece scores an 8 on 10 as backpacking destination.