Greece: Beach

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Greece Beach

Greece is blessed with some of the most stunning beaches in the world and a climate that suits it perfectly. Beach holidays in Greece provide the perfect ambience to sit back and soak up the sun on the long sandy beaches. Try out adventure water sports or fishing, party the night away at beach bars that can be found on every beach in Greece, whatever you choose, the beaches of Greece offer a whirlwind of entertainment for the entire family.

Islands like Santorini offer the famous Perissa and Karmari black sands beaches, Crete, a sweetwater beach with a long, beautiful but pebbly shore is accessible only by water or a long hike and is a favorite among sunbathers- nude and suited. The island of Mykonos has beaches that are all about crowds, fun and a great atmosphere and nightlife, adding up to a splendid beach holiday in Greece. The beaches of Milos offer crystal clear water, clear sands and a beautiful Grecian sunset. The island of Skiathos is home to the Banana Nude Beach and a favorite among naturists from around the world. Accommodation on islands is plentiful. Book in advance as it get difficult finding a place during the summer months. Greece scores 9 on 10 as a beach holiday destination.