Greece: Camping

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Greece Camping

Greece offers some of the finest camping areas with sandy beaches and thick forested areas to choose from. Campsites in Greece cater to a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Camp sites in Greece with family camping facilities allow you to bring your children along and enjoy a family camping holiday. Summer camps for children are fully organized and provide activities for children in beautiful natural surroundings. Many islands have designated areas for camp sites and if you are planning a camping holiday in tents, caravans or bungalows it is advisable to inform the camping authorities before hand and check for availability. From special interest camp sites to motorcycling camp sites and summer camp sites, there is a lot to choose from. Camping equipment may be hired at the site or you can bring your own. The mainland of Greece and the Greek islands have excellent camping options to choose from. Greece scores 8 on 10 as a camping destination.