Greece: Cycling Activity Holiday

The Cradle of Western Civilization

Greece Cycling Activity Holiday

Greece may not seem the perfect cycling destination owing to its rugged terrain and mountains, but on the contrary, this very terrain makes for a challenging cycling holiday in Greece. Long distance cycling tours have become the rage in Greece with tours taking bike riders to the various regions of Greece. Greece has a varied cycling terrain, from flat roads along sea coasts to steep ascents on mountainous terrain that accounts for a major part of Greece. Most day excursions include traveling to Greek countryside treasures like olive groves, vineyards, orchards, gorges and caves among natural sites and bridges, castles and ruins dating back 2000 years! Perhaps the best way to explore the Greek countryside is on a cycle where you can soak in natural environment at your own pace, stop where you like, take breaks at your own leisure, etc. For avid cyclists a cycling holiday in Greece presents thrills and adventure of the highest levels, and is worth traveling to the country for. Greece scores 6 on 10 as a destination for a cycling holiday.