Greece: Disabled Needs

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Greece Disabled Needs

rocky terrain in most places makes it a task for disabled people to manage. However, owing to the large amount of tourists flocking to holiday in Greece, efforts have been made to provide comfortable holidays for disabled people. While most of the sightseeing in Greece revolves around historical monuments built at heights or on very rock terrain, with uneven steps, crooked sidewalks and very few railings, tour companies organize special vehicles for disabled people. Some monuments, however, continue to be out of the reach of disabled people owing to their location and difficult access. Most of the hotels in Greece are disabled friendly with all the amenities provided for. It is advisable however to make enquires before hand on what extra amenities you will require and if they are provided. Transport in Greece varies in how accessible it can be for disabled people. While most of the modern buses have wide entrances and lifts for disabled buses, avoid the old buses. Trains are not very convenient mainly because they are narrow. Ferries and cruises are disabled friendly but check before hand. Most of the airports are equipped with facilities for disabled people. Greece scores 5 on 10 as a destination for a disabled holiday.